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Care of Our Puppies.

Cavaliers Skully and Herald - cute as buttons!

Cavaliers Skully and Herald – cute as buttons!

Heronbank Cavaliers take great pride in our pedigree cavalier puppies. We take care to give them the very best start in life that we can.

Before and during the whelping we use a homoeopathic “birthing pack” supplied by Charles Barrett, our homoeopathist, which contains remedies and treatments for most – if not all – possible eventualities connected with the birthing process eg., uterine inertia, lack of milk, little maternal instinct (common following a C-Section), mastitis etc.. This has been invaluable to us over the years and we would recommend it to anyone who breeds dogs or cats.

Our puppies are born in our lounge where they receive individual attention during their births.

When they are suckling well, and we are reasonably sure all the puppies have been delivered, they and their mother are transferred into our “dog room”.

This ensures that mother can bond with her babies undisturbed.

Here we have our 2 webcams so you can view proceedings close-up.

The utmost care is taken to prevent the introduction and spread of disease, by the use of a specially formulated Cromessol disinfectant daily and the use of disinfectant foot-baths when we have puppies.  This disinfectant is approved by DEPRA for use against bacteria, fungi, viruses & spores. It is effective protection against Canine Parvo Virus, Kennel Cough, and can also be used against foot & mouth disease and foul-pest.


Some of our Puppies

Being pedigree puppies they are Kennel Club Registered and benefit from having 4 weeks free insurance from the date of sale through the Kennel Club.

Our adults have their eyes and hearts checked by a Kennel Club Approved Ophthalmic Veterinarian, and the puppies are usually vet-checked twice, the first time, within 12 hours of their birth, and also when they have their vaccination and microchip just before they leave us.

Health care

Our puppies are wormed regularly and receive both homoeopathic and allopathic vaccine which, between them, cover the puppies for hard pad, distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis parvo-virus, and coccidiosis.

The homoeopathic treatment which our puppies receive, not only protects them from these deadly diseases, but also ensures that the puppy does not react in any negative way to conventional vaccines.  Additionally these homoeopathic vaccines can be used as a treatment in case of infection.


We are agents for Burns Pet Nutrition and a free pack of Burns Minibites is given with each puppy sold, along with a feeding sheet and guide. We have found this food to be acceptable to our dogs who have always shown signs of excellent health and growth, there is minimal waste and no unpleasant smells. This food can be found via our link to the Burns website. It is hyper-allergenic and gluton-free, making it safe to give to any animal who has these kinds of allergies. Please ensure fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Heronbank Puppies
More of our Puppies

New owners are very special to us as it is important that our puppies are given loving lifelong homes, therefore we will give support in the following ways:

Our Code of Practice can be downloaded from our website by clicking on the following link:

selling of puppies leaflet Revised Sept 13

We will answer your questions as honestly as possible.

We will give you as much information as we can about this breed.

We will honour holidays booked at the time of sale.

If your circumstances change and you are unable to keep one of our puppies, we would ask you to inform us as we offer to assist you in finding a new suitable home for your pet.

It is our practice to give 10% of the profits from Heronbank to help animals who are not as fortunate as our own, that come to us through rescue.

Other Reputable Breeders.

Our friends Andrew & Jan of Hanaland Cavaliers have owned and bred cavaliers for a number of years.  They have high standards in welfare and puppy care as we do.  Based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, they can be found on the Links to the right of this page.



Christian Goddard  was born in Barbados in 1950 and emigrated with his family to England in 1955. After studying at Dewsbury and Batley Art College, he became a graphic designer working in advertising. Through the years, due to time limitations, Christian has only been able to paint as and when he could.  He even incorporates his own …

Kath from Dogs Bodies – Mobile Groomer

We have a local Mobile Groomer in from time to time to help bathe and groom the pack.  It’s great!  No soggy dog towels, no dog hairs!  And the dogs are just a few yards away from home! We can just about manage to bathe Fin and treat his skin weekly, but the others need …

Cavaliers Print - Inman

History of the breed

 The Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a relatively new breed, having been recognised as an established breed since 1928 and first Registered by the Kennel Club in 1945. However, the history behind the breed goes back to the King Charles Spaniel (now a separate breed), which is recorded throughout Europe as “smalle ladyes puppees” …

Heronbank Zenith


Heronbank Pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniels The name Heronbank is our Affix and all cavaliers bred by us bear this name.  Historically we used to walk our dogs on the banks of the river Torne, near Doncaster, where herons flew and fished. We bought our first Pedigree Cavalier, Brymarden Florabunda of Heronbank, “Bryony” was purchased …