Butterflies and bees are sadly in decline in our gardens – see my previous article.  Here’s how to attract and care for them. can i use horse ivermectin for my dog

Butterflies don’t need anything fancy or expensive. Just an open, sunny area, some flowers for adult Butterflies, some food sources for caterpillarsshelter from extreme weather, a shallow butterfly ‘pool’ and a few good sunning rocks.

Butterflies and bees love the nectar of flowers and herbs so it is a good idea to have a variety in your garden. It is also perfect for butterflies if weeds like dandelion, nettle, and milkweed grow nearby.  Needless to say, it’s best to avoid using pesticides anywhere near the area you are inviting Butterflies in to.  Butterflies need shelter from predators and wind. Hedges are ideal but groups of small trees and shrubs, or fences and trellises covered with vines are also excellent! Honeysuckle and butterfly bushes are the perfect starting point from where you can develop your Butterfly Garden.

Butterflies can’t drink from birdbaths or other open water, but a damp spot of wet sand or dirt will often see them flocking around it.

…  Anne