Tabby1 tabby2Rescued 1 year old cats, Amber and Topaz, are settling in well and have the run of our lounge during daytime and are crated at night.

Amber is in season at the moment, but as cats constantly come into season if not mated, the vet is happy to spay her.

There is a slightly increased risk during the operation, but worth taking, as finding a time when she is not in season would be problematical, also I want them to be done together so they can recover together. After their op, they will be returned to one of our outside pens so they can have more space, until they are re-homed.

We are seeking a new home where these girls can stay together. Anyone interested should contact us or leave a message.

Donations towards the care of Heronbank’s rescued animals can be made through Paypal by using the button on the top right of this page.

…  Anne