I have recently had an on line conversation with a gentleman whose bitch had a problem which is all too often missed. He has kindly agreed to me including our conversation here to help other dog owners.

“Hello, Our 6/7 year old CKC bitch (ex puppy farm) has chewed and swallowed some towel when in the car. She’s been sick and got up a fair amount and the remainder has passed through her eventually. Since this incident she’s not eaten any food and cannot be tempted but drinks a lot of water daily. Any ideas? We’ve taken her to the vets and had tablets which we crush and mix with water and use a syringe tube to get her to swallow it.”

  1. I am not a vet but I wondered if some of the towel might be still causing an obstruction or a stringy bit may have got wrapped around somewhere. I think a return trip to the vet is called for possibly for an x ray, whilst not highlighting the towel, would show up pockets of gas, I believe. Worth a try. Something is still obviously wrong.

    Let me know how she goes please.

    … Anne

    1. Hello Anne,

      We took Nell our Cav to the vets again on Friday evening and the x ray showed where the towel pieces were in her stomach and gut. They operated on Friday night.

      She was kept in the vet’s until this evening, she’s now home, been out for a short stroll and did what dogs do. Further checks Blood and Thyroid revealed a Hypo Thyroid so apart for heart tablet, antibiotics, thyroid tabs and something pre meals for 3 days, I’m sure she’ll rattle for a few days, she is eating a bit and is settling back in.

      Thanks for the advice I think we are well and truly on the mend.

      Thankfully Nell’s owner took my advice and got the help she needed. Otherwise it would have been a very different story.

      …  Anne